Social Responsibility

Building community one transaction at a time

Wolverton & Co. is committed to social responsibility and has teamed up with Project H.O.M.E. to support its mission: to end homelessness in Philadelphia. A percentage of every Wolverton & Co. real estate transaction will be given to Project H.O.M.E. and each year our agents will donate a day of service to support the charity’s efforts. Additionally, Wolverton & Co. will host an annual fundraiser benefiting Project H.O.M.E.  Help us make this year’s event a success!

Sister Mary Scullion, Co-founder of Project H.O.M.E.—“We are pleased to have this opportunity to partner with Wolverton & Co., a company which understands that homelessness transcends city borders and affects all communities, large and small. At Project H.O.M.E. we believe that none of us are home until all of us are home and thanks to the generosity and creativity of companies like Wolverton & Co. we can work towards our goal of ending the cycle of homelessness in Philadelphia,”

William W. Wolverton, President of Wolverton & Co.—“We want to expand Project H.O.M.E.'s support system in the suburbs. The joy, relief, and empowerment Project H.O.M.E. provides those who need it the most is profound. We want to be a part of that mission and this partnership allows us to do so in an ongoing and meaningful way.”

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